BRIX Meter (a.k.a. Refractometer)


Here's an amazingly simple way to know the quality of fruits and vegetables! Just add a few drops of juice and look through the eye piece! BRIX is a measure of total sugars, minerals and other dissolved nutrients in a liquid. The more ripe and nutrient dense, the higher the reading!

Many producers pick too early or grow in depleted soils. Fruit and veggies may look good, but not measure up when compared to desired BRIX levels. Time to get your BRIX!

  • Helps you be a smarter shopper!
  • Measures the nutrient richness of produce.
  • Light, portable and compact.
  • Use in the field, in the kitchen or at the market.
  • Instant results will make you smile!
  • SHOPPERS: Alert your friends when GREAT produce is available. Tell your grocers when food measures POOR!
  • GARDENERS: Taste is a great measure. BRIX is another! Check the varieties you plant and the quality of your soil from year to year.
  • FARMERS: Measure the readiness of hay for harvest and produce for picking.
  • MOMS AND DADS: Help your kids learn when foods are in season. They will want to eat foods that have GREAT BRIX!
  • TEACHERS: Suggest science fair projects with BRIX. How do fresh and frozen compare? How do local, organic and conventional stack up? You have the answers!
  • BREWERS AND WINEMAKERS: Test specific gravity of beer and readiness of grapes
  • HONEY AND MAPLE SYRUP BUYERS: Test for intentional dilution.
  • BRIX 0-32% (click for detailed view) - for measuring fruits, vegetables and grasses at room temperature.
    • Accurate to +/- 0.2% Brix
    • Scale Divisions: 0.2%
    • Sturdy design, made of durable machined Aluminum housing, not plastic
    • Includes mini-screwdriver and bottle of distilled water for occasional calibration
  • BRIX 0-32% ATC - same as above, plus Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for the most accurate readings in outdoor environments.
  • BRIX 58-90% ATC - same as above, with higher scale to measure honey, jam and syrup. Includes bottle of 60 Brix calibration fluid.

We've tried many BRIX meters and found models that we think offer the best value for the money. Some cost as much as $120. Ours are much less! We bought them in quantity and priced them low because we think every kitchen should have one! A BRIX meter is one of the most important cooking appliances you will ever buy because it ensures your food dollars will go farther.

Each BRIX meter comes with a nice solid case to protect it, a pipette to help apply drops of juice, and a chart listing grades of POOR, AVERAGE, GOOD and GREAT for lots of fruits and veggies.

NaturalCheck offers a garlic press, as well, to help extract juice from celery, potatoes and other produce that is hard to squeeze by hand. Buy both and save on shipping.


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