Printed Security Labels

NaturalCheck offers solutions to protect your brand and increase customer safety. Prevent counterfeiting, product diversion and tampering with new high security labels available through our AuthentiCheck division.

Security labels feature:

  • The best combination of security inks, covert markers, and precision printing
  • Covert features have never been duplicated
  • Field inspection options provide instant results
  • Certified "chain of security"
  • Customized labels meet individual client needs better than stock designs
  • Brand protection for your industry: pharmaceutical, food and beverage, auto parts, apparel, footwear and others
  • Easy application through standard labeling equipment
  • Up to 12 covert and overt brand protection technologies, including: security inks, serialized numbers, microtext, holograms, invisible bar codes and other covert and forensic options
  • RFID tags can be included in the labels
  • Track and trace and anti-counterfeit features combined in one label
  • Advanced tamper-proof technologies also available
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