NaturalCheck Biomarker w/ Ultraviolet Indicator

Designed for textile and paper surfaces, NaturalCheck's biomarker w/ ultraviolet (UV) indicator is a new technology based on a highly secure "lock and key" approach to counterfeit prevention. Just one drop of biomarker solution puts an invisible lock on your authentic goods. Detect them with a key that only you own. Find fakes fast with field tests that show the difference between counterfeits and the real thing.

Benefits of using the biomarker and biomarker w/ UV indicator:
  • High level of covert security
  • Quick screening of large numbers of products with a UV flashlight
  • Detection of secret biomarker in one minute, not days in the laboratory
  • Light and portable field tests at any point between manufacturer and retailer
  • Affordable means of protection
  • None of the privacy issues raised by RFID