Water Safety Tests

The water you drink or use to cook is as important as the food you eat! Check your water quality with these reliable and widely-used test kits.


Instant At-Home Tests!

WaterSafe® City Water Test Kit – $19.95 ea.
We love this all-in-one home test for 7 different contaminants and water properties! It’s fast, easy to use, and tests a range of toxins that you don’t want in your drinking water.  Best of all, if you find a problem, you can solve it with home water filters.  Our test kit detects bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, pH, and hardness.  Excellent basic screen for home, work, school, day-care centers and science fair projects.

WaterSafe® Well Water Test Kit – $24.95 ea.
All the benefits of the City Water Test, above, plus testing for iron and copper that are often found at high levels in wells. Testing of private wells is recommended to be done at least annually.

WaterSafe® Drinking Water Lead Test – $9.95 ea.
Ideal for city dwellers where water systems are old and in disrepair.  Also good for any house with older pipes that might have lead in the joints. The test kit detects dissolved lead at levels below the EPA Action Level of 15 parts per billion (ppb).  Reducing children’s exposure to lead is incredibly important for their health and ability to learn.  Lead can cause memory loss, fatigue and depression in adults, as well.  Test today for a healthier tomorrow!
WaterSafe® Drinking Water Bacteria Test – $9.95 ea.

Want to test just for bacteria? Is the office water cooler safe?  Have a neighbor’s animals polluted your well? Curious to know if water from an airplane, water fountain, stream or spring has high bacteria counts?  This kit’s EPA-based Coliform Bacteria test makes it easy to check.


Notes: The kits above test for key water safety issues. For even more contaminants, including disinfection by-products, arsenic, mercury, other heavy metals, volatile organic compounds like benzene, and a wide range of pesticides, please see our gold standard sample-to-lab kits.


Water Safety Tests

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